Why Schooltalking?

We’re rethinking and redesigning education’s most basic conversations.

Schooltalking.org was created to support educators, youth and families trying to improve communications in their schools, districts, and education communities, with equity in mind.

Talk is action. What we say (and don’t say) every day in schools shapes young people’s lives.

We seek to share solid ideas on schooltalk for equity— talk that supports the full human talent development of every student and all groups of them.

This site is sparked by Mica Pollock’s book Schooltalk: Rethinking What We Say About—and To – Students Every Day (The New Press). We’re building on decades of work to improve schooltalk for equity. We’re also making new schooltalk tools. And, we’re sharing tools for talking made by other people!

Material shared here is posted by Mica Pollock. Mica is Professor of Education Studies and Director of CREATE (the Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence) at the University of California, San Diego. For many years, she has studied, tested, and written about communications that support student success in diverse communities. She is constantly on a hunt for #schooltalk tools and ideas that help, and she learns more about #schooltalk every day.

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