#USvsHate: the power and core tensions of using an ‘anti-hate’ onramp for K12 antiracism today

By Mica Pollock & Mariko Yoshisato

Background/Context: This paper launches public analysis of #USvsHate (‘us versus hate’), a collective initiative to invite ‘anti-hate’ lessons and youth-made public messaging in U.S. schools. Building on multiple research traditions, the Authors designed and piloted #USvsHate regionally, then nationally, starting in 2017.

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What’s Going On: “Partisan” Worries, and Desires to Discuss Trump-Era Events in School

By Mica Pollock & Mariko Yoshisato

Background/Context: This article explores how the classic U.S. educator effort to stay politically “nonpartisan” when teaching became particularly complicated in an era of spiking K–12 harassment, when government officials openly targeted and denigrated populations on the basis of race, national origin, gender, sexuality, and religion. We share research on a pilot (2017–2019) of #USvsHate, an “anti-hate” initiative we designed and studied with K–12 educators and students in the politically mixed region of San Diego, California.

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No, It Isn’t Racist to Teach Antiracism

I wrote this OpEd featured on edweek.org. My goal was to support collaborative antiracist effort by clarifying how “antiracism is not some zero-sum game of ‘us’ vs. ‘them.’ It’s a collective investment in the human

“Anti-racism is about leveling the playing field of opportunity, dismantling opportunity barriers, benefiting
from the rich diversity of all communities, and treating all people humanely.”

Link to original article: https://www.edweek.org/leadership/opinion-no-it-isnt-racist-to-teach-anti-racism/2021/05

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