One Actual Dialogue about Book Banning

With permission of “Educator X,” I’m sharing what we both think is a pretty decent engagement between two people with very different perspectives on book banning.

What do you think of this exchange? What are its pros and cons? What would you have said, that I failed to say? I’ve enabled comments for now. Please respond as if Educator X is listening. 

-Mica Pollock, #Schooltalking (feedback welcome to

Read our exchange here.

#LetUsLearn: Talking points naming the kind of education that’s good for students, in everyday language.

Educators are employed to support all of the nation’s children and youth to be well-prepared and successful contributors to our country. Our job is to prepare all students to become critical thinkers who are successful, informed, and thoughtful participants in our multiracial, interdependent, and multicultural democracy, capable of respectful dialogue across diverse perspectives and skilled in all subject areas. In this work, educators are equipping students for “a future that includes all of us.”

To sustain this work, we need to get better at clearly describing the education work we are trying to do so students can continue to learn and thrive. These talking points are designed to help you describe your goals in everyday language backed up by research and national organizations.

Link to these #LetUsLearn talking points can be found here.