Pilot Winner Spring 2018

#USvsHate Winners:
Spring 2018 Pilot

(Winning images were chosen by participating students. Note: our inaugural Spring 2018 #USvsHate messages contest accepted only hand-drawn or digital images for poster or sticker designs. In 2018-19, we will accept #USvsHate messages in any media.)

Paulina, Annika, Damaris, Amerae, and Heidi, 10th Grade

Teacher: Ms. Short, Mar Vista High School, Sweetwater Union High School District

(This first #USvsHate message winner was made into a 4-inch by 6-inch sticker.)

Middle school teacher Ms. Short chose a two-lesson inquiry that produced this winning student message:

"I started off with: [the Anti-Defamation League’s] We Were Strangers Too: Learning about Refugees through Art. I had them do a gallery walk with the artwork on that one and we gave verbal feedback and had an overall discussion, tying it in with the Holocaust and the refugee situation during WWII. Then we did [from the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility]: Intersectionality: What Is It? How Can It Help Us? Students learn about the term 'intersectionality,' and consider what role it played in the 2017 and 2018 Women's Marches. I used the idea of intersectionality to bring in other ideas about identities, and seeing the people around them as not just one thing, but a person with a multiplicity of experiences."

“Differences Make Us Beautiful” was a student choice for an Everywhere Message sticker. As Erin put it,"My group of girls had a great back and forth with each other before they started. I let them pick groups for this, so they were already comfortable with each other, and shared personal experiences and insights. They went back and forth for a few minutes before they landed on the idea of butterflies. All the credit for their image goes to them. I just gave them basic guidelines of making it easy to read, kind of summative of what they learned, not going too complex or overly detailed. I pointed out the art that I left up from the 'We Were Strangers, too' project, and how those images condensed a lot of experience into a concise image. Then students took it from there!"

Maizy, 9th Grade

Teacher: Mr.Leka, San Diego High School, San Diego Unified School District
(This first #USvsHate message winner was made into a 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch sticker.)

Teacher Mr. Leka showed and discussed the film Bully in his AVID (advisory) classes; afterwards, a student produced this winning image. Mr. Leka put it this way:

"I really enjoyed the experience of searching through all of the resources and activities for something that felt like it fit my style as a teacher and my students' needs.  Having the choice gave me more buy in. . . .we secretly hope [other teachers] get inspired and try all the lessons over time."

Amber, 10th Grade

Teacher: Ms. Betts, Bonita High School, Sweetwater Union High School District
(This first #USvsHate message winner was made into a classroom poster.)
Some of Ms. Betts' 2018 #USvsHate student participants

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