Data Talk

Introduction to Data Talk

Day after day, folks need critical information about young people’s skill development and school progress to make informed decisions about supporting students’ ongoing development.  But often, such information isn’t readily or reliably shared; many students “fall through the cracks,” unseen and unknown.

In this section of, we’ll post resources that help us discuss young people’s progress and development thoroughly and helpfully. We’ll think critically: “more data” isn’t always good!

Featured Resource

Amanda Datnow and colleagues have been doing great work on “data use for equity” – how to use data to discuss, pinpoint and provide the supports specific students need. I find her short piece (Amanda Datnow and Vicki Park, “Data Use for Equity,” Educational Leadership 72, no. 5 (2015)) a great conversation-starter on what “data use for equity” looks like.

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