Inequality Talk

Introduction to Inequality Talk

What people claim about opportunities and outcomes shapes who offers which opportunities to whom. Adults won’t offer young people additional opportunities via schools if they sense kids don’t need or deserve them.

Schooltalk for equity requires more successful Inequality Talk!

In this section of, we’ll post resources that help us talk about improving the opportunities necessary for success in schools.

Featured #schooltalking effort

Can we shine a spotlight on schools that actively close “opportunity gaps” so all students get the opportunities they need? See the NEPC Schools of Opportunity project, at The project seeks to recognize excellent public high schools that are actively striving to remedy “the differences in opportunities and resources that drive the well-known achievement gaps.”  For more thinking about “opportunity gaps,” see Chapter 2 of Schooltalk and the great chapters of Closing the Opportunity Gap, edited by Kevin Welner and Prudence Carter.

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Featured Resource

I came across this tool, which lets you look at "redlining" historically - to see which regions in your own city or town were deemed "worth" investing in by white-run banks and loan programs. Such racially-biased loan practices restricted many families of color from buying more lucrative property in segregated white neighborhoods, with major implications for racialized wealth accumulation over generations. I describe my own family's experience with this in Chapter 2 of Schooltalk. Check it out.