What is #USvsHate?

#USvsHate (“us versus hate”; usvshate.org) is a collective initiative to unleash “anti-hate” lessons and youth-made messaging in U.S. schools. #USvsHate invites “anti-hate” work as an onramp to K12 work against bias, injustice, and racism in an era of emboldened bigotry. We seek to unite school communities against hate by catalyzing ongoing learning and action.

Our messages actively refuse harm and “insist publicly that all people are equally valuable.” Join us!

In #USvsHate, educators build on their own curriculum or teach one or more “anti-hate” lessons Mica and a teacher team curated from partner organizations: Lessons for Building an Inclusive School Community [issues of inclusion, identity, relationship-building, harassment, bullying, empathy, and “words that hurt”], and Lessons on Specific Forms of Hate, Bias, and Inequality [lessons on “racism,” “xenophobia,” “homophobia” and “transphobia,” “Islamophobia,” “antisemitism,” and “sexism.”] Then, students create “anti-hate” messages in any media for their school communities and the public. “Anti-hate” messages do one or more of the following:

Image 1: The #USvsHate Process

  • Explicitly address, explore, and refuse racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, or other forms of hate, bias and injustice in schools and society.
  • Communicate that people across lines of difference contribute to our communities, regions, and nation, are equally valuable, and deserve access to opportunity and  well-being.
  • Bust a myth (challenge a stereotype) about a “type of” kid too often misrepresented.
  • Ask people to treat each other kindly, fairly and respectfully, so schools stay safe for learning and society includes us all.

Educators help students share “anti-hate” messages to shape school climate, then choose and submit “best” messages to our contests for broader sharing. Winning entries chosen by students and an adult #USvsHate team are amplified via the project website and social media, with poster and sticker messages reproduced for display in participating classrooms and schools. Participants then ask themselves: What’s Next? for their learning and action.

Our team at CREATE designed and piloted #usvshate with educators/students across San Diego between 2017 and 2019. Teaching Tolerance then hosted our first national challenge in 2019-20. CREATE and #schooltalking are now continuing to build #usvshate nationally! Join us in 2020-2021!

Want to talk with Mica Pollock and #USvsHate teacher leaders about joining #USvsHate to make change where you work? Click here. (Coming soon! For now, email micapollock@ucsd.edu)