Exploring the Principles of Schooltalk

In March 2021, I spoke with principal Candace Hunstad, school instructional coach Brigid Dux, ESOL teacher/school equity lead Samantha Gauta (all of Fairhill Elementary), and district coordinator of professional learning/cultural responsiveness Junena Thomas — all educators from Fairfax County, Virginia — about their use of Schooltalk for sustained antiracist equity work at the school level. It was a really exciting discussion about how to go beyond initial use of books to long-term use of texts for change. Sharing here to support others in similarly sustained efforts!

Session guide here.


These lessons for K12 students can also be used in community colleges and with adults. I curated these for #USvsHate, so they are designed to counteract explicit bigotry while being an onramp to much deeper work on each “ism” in schools. I’m working right now to add youth-facing lessons based on Schooltalk and Everyday Antiracism, drawing attention to opportunity-oriented racism and inequality in schools: