Author: Minhtuyen Mai

Yonezawa’s article on Student Voice and the Common Core

Check out my colleague Susan Yonezawa’s great article on student voice and the Common Core! Here are some highlights. Susan shares insights from years of facilitating focus groups where students talk about their own learning experiences — a key form of data for teachers! Susan and colleague Makeba Jones have also worked with youth to research their peers’ take on… Read more →

Identity Labels — two activities Esta Montano at Boston Latin Academy is leading a group discussion of Schooltalk with colleagues. She started Chapter 1 with two activities I thought were great infrastructure to share for many uses. She says, “If anyone has questions about the activities, they can email me at” Read more here.  Read more →

Luke Wood

I think J Luke Wood’s comments questioning “growth mindset” raise a very important core tension of antiracist Smarts Talk. In a world where some students and whole groups of students are falsely imagined to be just “smarter” than others, how can we affirm all humans’ equal potential to grow? In the Smarts Talk chapter of Schooltalk, I urge that educators… Read more →

Two conversation starters on race, bias, and discipline.…/race-and-overreaction…/385076/…/fear-and-rewriting-trayvon-educ… How are discipline discussions going in schools you know? What do you wish people were talking about? #schooltalking Read more →

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